what is Affiliate Marketing?

what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a framework or model that makes it possible for individuals and companies to partner up with brands known as affiliates. Their performances are measured and monitored in a cost-effective, scalable and efficient way. Are you interested in joining an affiliate network? There are many affiliate marketing bloggers in Malaysia you can learn from. 

Affiliate Marketing Model: The Players


Customers are the kinds of audiences affiliates want to influence to make purchases, submit lead forms, test our services, become new customers, and sign up for newsletters.

Brands (Merchants or Advertisers)

These are businesses selling specific products and services. It can range from a vast range of industries, from retail, telecom and subscription services to direct-to-customer, financial and gaming sectors.

Affiliates (Partners and Publishers)

Affiliates can be bloggers and social media influencers. These are people who run shopping websites, mobile applications, product review websites, niche content websites and mas media websites.  

Affiliate Networks

When running affiliate program, affiliate marketing networks usually handle the reporting, tracking and payments to affiliates. Apart from offering tracking tools, many affiliate networks provide self-service and full-service management of programs as well. 

SaaS, or Software as a Service Platforms

SaaS platforms provide businesses with performance reporting, payment and tracking. However, they don’t manage affiliate marketing programs, and deliver access to other affiliates. It is only focused on the affiliate program’s technological aspects.

An affiliate needs to choose between a SaaS platform and affiliate network as a technology partner.


Agencies manage and oversee daily operations, and implement the program strategy on behalf of brands. This includes partner recruiting, partner relationships, optimization and activation.