Tips For Time Management

Tips For Time Management

One of the core ideas in the field of time management is that the purpose of time management is to get things done, to achieve the goals you want to achieve. The exact method of time management doesn’t matter, as long as the method that achieves your goals is a good one, even if it’s a stupid one. 

You know that not many people can achieve what they want in life, and you are already more successful than most in achieving your life goals in a super dumb way. Of course, if you can achieve your goals, it is even better if you can achieve them faster by using some time management methods to increase your productivity in achieving them. So, I think the core methodology of time management is to find out where your goals are, as long as you know exactly what you want and are focused on achieving that goal, you don’t need any deliberate time management, you can still do very well in time management. 

There is only one word for true time management. The core of time management in my opinion is to find a feedback evaluation indicator. What is the goal and which customers need to be served in order to achieve it, e.g. how to assess how satisfied the customer is with the service? This satisfaction assessment is the feedback evaluation indicator, in other words, who is willing to pay what price for your improved results. This indicator has three characteristics: 1, from the external, internal evaluation is basically meaningless, all results exist externally; 2, the fewer the better, preferably unique, do not set multi-dimensional criteria, indicators need to be subtracted, the fewer dimensions indicate that the more you can grasp the core, focus on the key; 3, easy to assess the measurement, if it takes a few days to assess once, it is better not to assess.

How to do time management through evaluation indicators? Piece-rate workers in factories don’t need time management because their evaluation indicators are very clear and they just need to find ways to increase production. Managers need to manage their time, read all kinds of books and take all kinds of courses, but often they can’t even evaluate the current situation, they are just busy. What is busy, is the KPI 60 or 80, are there 10 or 20 customers, is the programme completed in 1 month or 1 week, without standards there is no improvement. Don’t keep track of how much time you spend on each aspect of your day, and don’t assess priorities for planning work, go and find your standards, and with standards, they will naturally guide us forward. Good time management will produce a good performance, good performance will be rewarded with positive feedback, and positive feedback, in turn, will sustain us as we continue to move forward.

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