The Importance of Speed in Web Hosting Services

The Importance of Speed in Web Hosting Services

How Important is Speed in Web Hosting?

Have you ever come across a slow website in this day and age? You probably haven’t, but there are still some that are slow to load. But, whenever you do come across such a website, what do you usually do? Well, I am pretty sure that you’re going to hit the back button and search for a similar website on the search engine results pages, right? How do I know that? Well, that is also what I would do when presented with this situation.

For people who are uninitiated in launching websites, a website is nothing without a web hosting service. That is because the websites that you enjoy now are actually run on a server, which is why you are able to access it with a working internet connection.

That being said, a good web hosting provider is a company that provides amazing service across the board that doesn’t skimp in performance and speed.

If you are on the lookout for the best hosting service provider, you’ve come to the right article. I want to talk about why speed is a very important thing in this day and age and why a good hosting company is needed for this. If you are interested to know some valuable information, then do read on.

Why Speed is Important?

So, what do you usually do to open a webpage? Well, you fire up your favorite web browser, input the URL, and then press enter, right?

Well, what happens on the server-side is quite different actually. Once you’ve done the actions mentioned above, the server will have to do three things in order to complete the action: execute the necessary code, operate the database website queries, and then providing the necessary avenues for you to be given access to the website.

A hosting provider is just a company that has many servers. And, if you still do not know, a server is basically a very powerful computer that operates non-stop to provide the services that a hosting provider brings.

What are the typical components of a computer that might have an impact on the quality of service? Well, there is the hard drive of the computer. Most notable hosting providers make use of Solid State Drives or SSDs as they are much faster and much sturdier than conventional hard disks.

There is also the RAM, the processor, and disk space to consider as well. A good web hosting company has many amazingly powerful systems which are why you want to go with the service provider than anything else.

Page Loading Speeds

As they say, “speed is of the essence”. In this day and age, a slow-loading website will not be forgiven. It might have been okay in the dial-up era, but with blazing fast fiber optic internet connections nowadays, that is really not something that is going to be forgiven by the lot.

Code optimizations is no longer enough to make a website load faster. Both the company’s internet service and how fast their servers are will heavily have an impact on site loading speeds.

If you’re running an e-commerce platform, a CDN service may also be required as well. All in all, you want to optimize your website for speed, so you definitely have to consider getting the best provider out there.