The Dark Side Of Junk Food

The Dark Side Of Junk Food

Junk Food History

Junk food is a phrase for food with little nutritive benefits. The amount of fat , sugar , salt and calories is also perfect for this form of food. Michael Jacobson, director of the Center for Science of the Public Interest, used the term for the first time in 1972, is attributed to the invention.

Consequences of Junk Food

There are many junk foods sold at the groceries nowadays, uncontrollable as the production is quite impressive. People love junk food because it is simple, cheap and easy to be stored. But do you know that junk food brings more harm than the benefits? You will know about it throughout this article.

Nutrition imbalances

Even though junk food appeases your cravings, it does not provide enough nutrition. Constantly eating a lot of less nutrient foods can end up leaving you with hardly any desire to eat for more healthy foods, raising your possibility of poor nutrition. Processed foods produce very few fiber, a substance that your body requires for a healthy gastrointestinal system and for control of cholesterol and glucose levels. Veggies, fruits and whole grains are the main sources of fibre, as are many other vital nutrients.

Gaining weight

Organic foods such as vegetables, whole-grain items and lean meat probably contain less calories by amount than fried foods such as French fries, donuts and hamburgers. According to the>USDA Nutrient Database , for example, a 100 g serving of plain jacket potatoes contains 93 calories compared with 292 calories in 100 g of French restaurant fries. you will obtain about a pound per week after consuming 500 calories more a day than you need. Since fast food is quite high in fat and calories, fast-food restaurants raise your chance of overweight and obesity and insulin sensitivity, which in turn enhances your risk of diabetes

Cardiovascular Problems

Your body requires some fat for wellbeing, yet junk food mainly produces fats which affect your wellness. Foods such as hamburgers, pizza, ice cream and potato chips contain significant quantities of fat and sugar which could put you at risk for cardiovascular disease in bulk. Trans fats, too, can increase the risk of heart disease. These man-made, produced fats, alongside corn chips and microwave popcorn, are common in public bakery products such as biscuits and crackers. Manufactured, junk food is also high in sodium. Excessive amounts of sodium in your diet will raise your chance of hypertension and stroke.