Renewal Made Easy With SSM

Renewal Made Easy With SSM

One of the most important tasks of an existing business is the renewal. Once, the initial registration is done, the next big thing is the renewal. Depending on the validity of the company registration in Malaysia and corresponding compliance and regulatory documents, renewal is usually done annually. Renewals usually entails generating reports, preparing required documents and payment of assessed fees, all these also include waiting for processing days and finally the renewed documents. By just looking at the process, business owners or companies expect this to be a lengthy procedure. However, this is untrue with SSM or the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. With SSM, renewal is as easy and convenient as the initial registration. Because of the streamlined procedures available offline and online, renewal will seem like a breeze for those required to renew. To illustrate, here the reasons why renewal with SSM is not the usual chore that companies are used to.

It can be done online – Just the fact that an application and procedure is available online will be a burden lifted to the actual person doing the renewal. This is exactly what happens with SSM, like the registration, renewal can be done online with just a device and the internet. Following the procedure as it is being done does not require a genius. Like most user-friendly interfaces, prompts and instructions are clearly stated in the online procedures. To top it all, even the payment of fees can be made online with options that will best suit the company.

It is hassle free – No need to imagine how a hassle free application and processing looks like, just think of renewal with SSM and that is it. With the application done online, there is no need to contend with looking for a specific person to transact with, nor going from room to room or window to window for the submission of requirements. As a result, renewal with SSM is only convenient but also saves time and money because there is no need to travel physically, no need to join the throngs of busy people attending their own endeavors.

It only takes 1 hour – With the convenience of transacting online and the absence of the usual bureaucracy always associated with applications, an added perk of renewal with SSM is the speed of approval. As long as the instructions are followed to the letter and the necessary documents uploaded and submitted along with the payment of the assessed fees, SSM renewals are processed within 60 minutes. That is only an hour of wait compared to going through endless hours of processing with additional time for following-up.

All in all, processing renewals with SSM are surprisingly hassle free transactions that reflect the efficiency and effectiveness of SSM. For this reason, non-compliant businesses are left with no excuse for their negligence. As a government requirement, renewals should be scheduled tasks that are automatic to companies really wanting to operate legally and legitimately. Ignorance of processes and procedures is a lame excuse, since all sources and information can be found online. Companies should be responsible enough to ensure that all required documents and compliances are valid and legal for their protection as well as for the protection of their customers.