Fruits And Greens Smoothies Recipes

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Fruits And Greens Smoothies Recipes

On a weight loss journey and want guilt-free sweet food? Smoothies are the solution! Smoothies will not only satisfy your cravings but also will provide you daily nutrition that you need.

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It is always best to eat fruits and vegetables but if you want variety in your diet and you are short on time, it is easier if you can get it in a cup or bottle and you are good to go! And to be honest, drinking smoothies will lighten up your day with the sweet and creamy taste of your drink.

The first is obviously the worldwide favourite, Chocolate-Banana Smoothie!

  1.       Milk – dairy milk, soy milk, almond milk (depends on your preference)
  2.       Frozen banana – if you would like to have more creamy texture or taste, add frozen avocado together with it
  3.       Chocolate chunks – I prefer to add dark chocolate like Whittakers Block Dark Ghana because you don’t want to add extra calories in your diet, right?
  4.       Put any preferred add-ons – chia seed, almond, hazelnut

Next is Mango Strawberry Smoothie. Oh, I love this smoothie. I can drink it every day!

  1.       Strawberry juice – you can also put milk or water as usual but try put strawberry juice into it so it will be less creamy
  2.       Frozen strawberry and mango – I prefer to use sour strawberry to have some tangy kick alongside with the sweetness of mangoes
  3.       Add-on – adding some mint leaves will give a refreshing taste and mood
  4.       Toppings – mango and strawberry chunks

This one is very basic and will make you full for at least 5-6 hours. Grape smoothie with oat.

  1.       Water – oat will make the smoothie creamy but if you like milk better, put it without any hesitation!
  2.       Frozen grape – I personally like black grapes but you can use any kind you like
  3.       Oat – use rolled oat for crunchy bits or instant oat for creamy texture
  4.       Chocolate chip or chocolate chunks for better taste

I think it is time for the greens!  Have you ever heard of vegetable smoothies?

It is basically just the same with your normal fruit smoothies but instead of using fruits, you use vegetables. If you are not a fan of vegetables (especially kids), you can just add some greens to your fruit smoothies so it will taste better.

For vegetable smoothies, you can use vegetables as the main character or side character depending on how you want the taste to be.

Have you ever tried Beet Orange Smoothie because if you haven’t, this is the right time for you to try.

  1.       Milk – you can use any milk you like but I suggest you to try unsweetened almond milk
  2.       Beet – make sure to wash and chop it into small pieces. I prefer to cook my beet before blending as it will take less time to blend
  3.       Orange – peeled and frozen
  4.       A handful of spinach
  5.       Add in dates or frozen banana to add sweetness to your drink

Last but not least, Carrot Smoothie! Everyone will surely love the carrot smoothie because it has a natural sweet taste from the carrot.

  1.       Almond or soy milk
  2.       Carrot – freshly grated
  3.       Frozen pineapple – to add taste to your drink
  4.       Frozen banana – for creamy texture
  5.       Add in – coconut flakes and cinnamon powder (psst: it tastes like Christmas!)

The measurement of liquids and frozen fruits is 1:1 or you can adjust according to your preference. Worry less, the ingredients can be purchased from fresh fruit and vegetables online Malaysia. Have fun trying new recipes!