Every Gambler should Know these Gambling Lingo Terms

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Every Gambler should Know these Gambling Lingo Terms


There might be a lot of times when you can’t understand what the people in a casino are saying. Well, that is because they have their own lingo. They use some terms that are just for their space. If you have been visiting a casino for some time already, there is a good chance you already know some of them. 

Here are some gambling lingo terms:

George – this is what they call to a person who will give a tip to the dealers generously. 

Getting Down – this is another term used when one is making a bet. 

GOY – this is an acronym which means Game of the Year. 

Gg – an abbreviation for good game.

Grease – this word means bribe in the gambling world. 

Gross Win – this is the accumulated amount of winnings sans the expenses.

Handicapping – this is the term used when someone will try to predict the outcome of a sporting event after doing some research. 

Hedge – this is a player who also put a wager on the competing side hoping that at least if they lose, he can’t at least win some amount. 

Hit – for the blackjack game, it means the player needs one more card while in slot games, it meant a win. 

Hold – this is the percentage of the money that is wagered, and the house will have to keep them until the end of the day. 

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Hot Table – this refers to a table where the players are wining often. 

High Roller – this is another term for someone who is always betting with big amounts.

Lock – this is a person who easily wins.

Longshot – refers to a person who is most unlikely to win. 

N1 – this is a slang word for nice one.

Nh – slang word for nice hand. 

Non-negotiable Chips – these the types of chips that can be used to play but can never be exchanged with cash anytime. 

Nosebleed – this refers to those who are staking really high bets. This is also the same with roller. 

Odds – this will determine the amount of money the player will receive in case he wins. This is determined by the house. 

On Tilt – this refers to a person who losses and then just play recklessly aiming to chase his losses. 

Pit – this is an area in casino where you will find the tables attended by the dealers. 

Pit Boss – this is one of the high officials in a casino. 

You still have time to learn about some of the terms that are not here since you probably settle in a casino Malaysia for now, considering the threat of the virus. It means that you will hardly use these terms to communicate in a conventional casino. 

Yes, you also need to know how to communicate in casinos if you are usually found there. This way, you won’t be asking an attendant every time you hear something you are not familiar with. At the same time, this is also for you to be able to communicate well with the other players.