Craps Betting Strategy

Craps Betting Strategy

Craps Betting Strategy

Gambling 101: Craps Betting Strategy Tips

In winning a huge amount of money especially while playing craps as part of the 918kiss, proper betting strategy is needed especially for the beginners or even the experienced gamblers, whereby they might overlooked the basic strategy of betting on craps.

Here are the betting strategy tips on craps:

Craps Betting Strategy

1. Avoid all the table minimums. Find that specific one that fits your budget.

2. Don’t focus on your dealer’s appeals. Once he or she induces to make high casino advantage bets, don’t hesitate to ignore this. Your money should be at the odds bets instead.

3. Always backup your Don’t Pass/Pass, and Don’t Come/Come bets with good odds bets. What if you’re not willing to bet at the odds bets? Then, look for another game you can play, or a lower-minimum table.

4. If you fail to get all your winnings after the dealer places it front, you’ll end up parlaying these winnings to the next roll.

5. Focus on your dice control skills. Watch out for shooters who can’t shake each dice before every roll.

6. Do you understand the concept behind advanced wagers? Do you want to win big money fast? Make sure to bet on the long odds. However, you should be prepared to lose fast as well.

Craps Betting Strategy

7. Always go with the flow. You are welcome to bet more and more money when you are hot. If not, bet less money.

8. Spy on that player with the most chips. You need to emulate the winner.

9. Evaluate the situation. Don’t just bet using hard-earned money. Take the time to assess your current situation.

10. Never make proposition bets.