Choosing the ‘Right’ Web Host by Considering These Factors

Choosing the ‘Right’ Web Host by Considering These Factors

A lot of people want to know how to choose the right web host and that is quite understandable, especially since a lot of internet users want to establish their own online platform.

For any website to be accessible online, it has to be run from a server that happens to be owned by web hosting companies. That being said, choosing the ‘right’ one will involve a vetting process that will ultimately lead to whoever is able to meet your specific demands.

The factors that you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider in a nutshell:

Other noteworthy factors include:

  • Easy to use Control Panel software like Plesk or cPanel
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Good Storage and Bandwidth Allocations

Read further as I will explain each point mentioned above.

Good Security

Online threats have become more common nowadays and it is important for a web host to ensure their clients that their websites are safe. A web host should consider implementing strict firewall rules, using the latest and greatest anti-malware programs, as well as enforcing SSL encryption to make your data inaccessible to prying eyes.

Amazing Performance

This mainly revolves around how fast their servers are. A server that uses a high-speed internet connection is a good thing as websites that are on its database can enjoy blazing fast speeds.

Page loading speed is important because, according to Google, it is one of the main determinants of good page ranking.

High Server Uptime

A server is actually meant to run all of the time. That is the reason why it has to be inside a data center which is a special facility that provides a good environment that is conducive for 24/7 server operation.

Look at a web hosting provider’s server uptime scores to see if it remains consistent across the board. You’d also want to settle with a company that has 95% server reliability and upward.

Great Technical Support

This is often overlooked by most people that are trying to find the ‘best’ web hosting provider for them. That is because they do not think that problems may arise at any time. Well, they actually do and that is why you want to go with a hosting provider that you can contact at any time to resolve any issue.

Great technical support is a must because you want to solve problems in a timely manner. For a businessman, every minute that their websites remain offline could result in a huge loss in revenues.

Other Factors

Every hosting plan provides you with certain bandwidth and storage limits. You have to decide for yourself how much bandwidth and storage you’re going to need.

The web host should also be using a simple to use web console interface like cPanel or Plesk to ensure that you will not have to learn IT subjects just to learn how to use the program.

Lastly, you want to go with a hosting provider that has ample features that are offered at reasonable prices.