Cheap Hosting Is Not Always Quality Hosting

Cheap Hosting Is Not Always Quality Hosting

Are you looking for reliable web hosting companies in Malaysia? There are plenty of agencies and plans you can choose from, depending on your budget. You need to be careful, though. Don’t settle for cheap web hosting services. In almost all cases, cheap equates to poor quality services. 

So, how much does website hosting usually cost at face value? The right answer would depend on the kind of service you utilize, and the web hosting provider you work with. See the information below for the usual price ranges:

Dedicated server

Price: $100++ each month

This is the opposite of shared web hosting. Choosing a dedicated server means that the server is yours entirely, from the disk storage and bandwidth to the RAM. You can customize it if you want, and host multiple websites on that same exact server. 

Shared server

Price: $2 to $10 each month

If you are just starting out as a blogger or online business owner, a shared hosting plan is the most economical choice for you. This is the set up where many people all share the same server. The overall cost of maintenance and operation are split among them.

VPS server

Price: $20 to $50 each month

VPS is still regarded as a shared server, though some resources are allotted just for you. This means that no matter how much data or bandwidth other platforms need, they can’t utilize what is already yours.

What exactly is a cheap website hosting service?

When you avail a cheap website hosting service, expect it to come in the form of shared hosting. Several website hosting companies can’t really afford to provide dedicated hosting plans at low rates. Below are some things you need to consider:

  • Support. Cheap web hosting often comes with limited technical support services, meaning that you may wait for days or weeks before getting a response.
  • Server speed. While shared hosting are not necessarily the efficient and fast, though sometimes, cheap plans can be excessively slow. This happens because the web host overloads the server with many people, in an effort to make more money.
  • Website ads. Cheap hosting plans means that unwanted website ads would show up on your web pages.
  • Email addresses. Many website hosts provide every user with at least one email address. Just be careful with those “bargain” agencies that make people pay extra for just one email address.