Bad Parenting Tips That You Need To Stop Doing

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Bad Parenting Tips That You Need To Stop Doing

Parenting is not easy and will never be easy, every day as parents we need to make sure that we are learning something new for the sake of our children. After all, we do want the best for them and we want to assure that our children are growing up to be healthy and well-loved. 

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However, parents are human and like any other human, we are bound to make mistakes. Some of these are bad parenting tips that as parents we need to stop doing for the sake of our children. 


Too Buys With Themselves 

Whether you are working or doing something like playing the trusted online casino Malaysia, you need to make sure that there are limits to all of that. Life can be busy and stressful most of the time, but that is not an excuse for you to ignore your children. Sometimes, all your children want to do with you is talk about their day at school and tell you something fun. And instead of saying that you are busy or you are tired, you need to take some time off to listen to your children. That is why it is important for parents to set boundaries with their work-life and their personal life. 


Comparing Your Children

We all are born differently and we all have our different strengths and weaknesses and that includes ourselves as parents. So why, do we have this need to constantly keeps comparing our children to other’s children. Whether it is in academics, personality, or anything it is never good for us to compare our children. Not only this is bad parenting but it’ll also affect our children’s personality of feeling highly insecure of themselves and lacks self-esteem and belief in themselves. 


Not Supporting Them 

Our children have this need that no matter what, they’ll always wants and needs our support. That is why as a parent we must support our children’s decision even if we might have other opinions on their decisions. Letting them make their own decisions is good for their life because how will they learn if they’re not making decisions of their own. And as a parent, we must give them all of our support and let them know that we’ll always be supporting them (except for horrible and clearly bad decisions)


Never Praise or Acknowledge Their Success 

Instead of saying a good job, you have the need to say that they can do better. As a parent, we should know how sad and frustrating that is. Well, imagine the sadness and frustration that our children feel when they felt like they just disappoint you. Once in a while, we need to praise our children and let them know that we are proud of them no matter what is the outcome is. This will encourage our children to work hard and also build a strong belief in themselves. 


In conclusion, parenting is not easy because we’ll always have new challenges that we need to face and we’ll always make mistakes. However, that is fine because this is all a part of learning and that’s why we should never feel embarrassed or proud to apologize to our children and let them know that we are also human and sometimes we make mistakes that we don’t intentionally of doing. And no matter what we still love them more than anything in the world.