5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Watch

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Watch

Have you ever stopped to wonder how wristwatches came to be? Well, it first started during the first World War where soldiers would have to make use of their pocket watches in a more convenient way. Because of the harsh conditions, it would be cumbersome for soldiers to continuously get the watches from their pockets if they want to coordinate attacks, for example. Some soldiers thought of attaching a string to the pocket watches so that they can tie them on their wrists. As the soldiers went home, some watchmakers noticed that some soldiers forgot to take off their makeshift wristwatches. And so, the idea of creating the wristwatches that we know today is born.
Now, one might think that it is absurd to be wearing a wristwatch in this day and age thanks to the advent of smartphones or devices that can do a lot of things- one of which is telling the time. But, there is actually more to a wristwatch than its timekeeping functionality. In this article, I will go over some of the reasons why you should still be wearing a watch today.

1.They Are Pretty Convenient

Let me ask you something: Which is easier to do? Getting your phone from the pocket to know what time it is or simply just glancing over your wristwatch? I am pretty sure that you are going to answer the latter. People who tell you that wearing a wristwatch is no longer necessary are also the same people that question the negative effects of their mobile devices. It is just so much more convenient than using a bulkier device just for timekeeping purposes.

2.They Are Quite Functional

Field watches are watches that are used by the military to help time and coordinate their attacks (watchmakers actually got the inspiration from the soldiers of World War I). Wristwatches, in general, are quite functional. There are some that come with chronograph functionality. There are some that can be worn by divers as the watch can withstand the elements. And watches can also provide you with a perpetual calendar that accurately tells the date for up to 100 years.

3.They Signal Your Style

Have you ever seen someone not wearing a watch? If so, compare them to people that actually wear one. Can you spot something? If you’ve spotted that the one wearing a wristwatch looks more dapper than their non-watch-wearing counterpart, you are correct. Watches are more than accessories that tell the time. They actually provide you with a sense of style unlike any other. If anything, they complement the suits that you are wearing.

4.Appreciate the Craftsmanship

Despite the fact that most watches look simple on the surface, they are actually made with care. If you own a skeleton watch, you can marvel at the intricate parts that make the watch move.

5.They Can Be Great Heirlooms

With proper care, watches are actually quite durable and can truly stand the test of time. In fact, they can last quite a long time that they can be great heirlooms which you can pass on to the next generation.