5 Amazing Hacks That You Can Use to Cheat Gambling Odds

5 Amazing Hacks That You Can Use to Cheat Gambling Odds

1. You can use an effective dice-throwing tactic that will let you beat craps.

Craps is one of the best online casino in Thailand. Many players love it because it is unique, and because it is the only game where the house trusts you to throw the dice all by yourself. Amazing, right? The casino allows you to shuffle, throw and hold them. The only stipulation in this aspect is that that dice must hit the table’s farthest side.

2. Learn how to read the back side of the playing cards.

You should pay close attention to the back part of the playing cards. You can actually do this for fun. Do you think it’s possible for you to know which ones are aces by just looking the back of the cards? This is a trick that won’t lead to continuous winnings. However, it’s still fun to explore!

3. You can try distracting the dealer to get an edge.

Are you familiar with Don Johnson? This person figured out plenty of tips to gain the upper hand inside the casino for many years. For him, one of the best gambling tips is to exploit dealer error. A dealer error is when the dealer mistakenly adds up a losing 22 hand to 21. Use this to get perks! Who knows? You can enjoy a free bet.

4. Beat lottery games with a brute force.

The lottery is an attractive way to gamble. However, the odds of winning the lottery jackpot are still small. But, do you know that an MIT senior called James Harvey have figured out an approach to rig lottery results on his favor? He used book smart, the enemy of gambling magnates. The solution originated from the fact that most lotteries utilize a roll-down system.
Basically, if one individual wins the jackpot, the amount is distributed equally among those who guessed 4 or 5 numbers. According to Harvey, one individual can still win the jackpot if they owned all less impressive tickets.

5. Scratch games can be predictable, if you know what you are looking for.

Are you interested in playing scratch games? You’ll surely find this interesting. A Canadian statistician named Mohan Srivastava realized that scratch tickets can’t be created randomly, since that will enable the possibility of coming up with a dozen million-dollar winners that can crash the system. For him, there is a pattern. He used his skill in statistics to solve the pattern. In order to understand what he did, you need to have some sort of mathematical knowledge. Basically, he discovered that the frequency of the numbers provided insight into what digits showed up under the scratch zone.