5 Adventure Mangas you Should Read

5 Adventure Mangas you Should Read

When it comes to adventure mangas, you are probably attracted to the action as well as the danger that it brings along with the amazing art by the creator. Adventure mangas are usually about how the main character (MC) responds to unexpected events or deals with hindrances along the way of their journey. So, nothing is better than filling your free time with reading adventure manga chapters online!


One of the online websites that we recommend is mangalegacy – there are plenty of mangas of various genres to choose from!

Spy X Family


You might have already recognized Anya, the pink-haired little girl with a cute voice. The main story, however, starts with Twilight, a spy who has spent his days on undercover missions for the greater good. However, he receives an order to start a family to accomplish his mission. Throughout all this, he is not aware that the daughter he adopted is a telepath. Meanwhile, the woman he agreed to marry is actually a skilled assassin. The story ensues with how these three are as a family!


Solo Levelling


The story is about the weakest hunter (E-rank) named Sung Jin Woo and his strive to become an S-rank hunter. Originally an infamous hunter, he was given the chance to become the strongest by the System which gave him the unique ability to grow his power with no limitations. Taking this opportunity, Sung Jin Woo rose and become humanity’s greatest hunter and also the vassal of a powerful position. Read more of this story to find out what happens next! 


Release That Witch


Transmigrated into a different world, an engineer is shocked to find out that he became a prince. Witches exist in that world and possess magic powers. In this story, the protagonist aims to save the witches, fight the evil forces, improve the science and technology departments as well as carve the way to farm! 


One Piece


The only of the big three shounen manga that is still ongoing is One Piece. The story is about Monkey D. Luffy who aims to become the Pirate King. Inspired by the story of the red-haired Shanks, Luffy strives for his goal. Funnily, along his way, he accidentally ate a Devil Fruit called the Gum-Gum fruit. Then, after recruiting misfits from different places, Luffy sets on an adventure to look for the legendary ‘One Piece’, the greatest treasure to have ever existed. 


Martial Peak


One must get to the martial peak to become the strongest. However, the journey isn’t as smooth sailing as one might think as it is lonely and far. To reach the top, one must persevere and overcome every challenge. Sky tower prepared their pupils through blood and sweat for this journey. Yang Kai, however, one day came into possession of a black book, which led him to the pinnacle of the martial arts world.