Play Baccarat: The Basic Rules

Play Baccarat: The Basic Rules

Baccarat is one of the best online casino games in Thailand. Learning how to play it is quite
simple! Once you have placed the bet, the dealing follows a strict process. It is played more or
less automatically, and you can enjoy some drinks as the online casino game unfolds.

The game of baccarat is played at the table for 14 players. The table is marked from players 1 to
15. In this case, 13 is skipped for obvious, superstitious reasons.

The table is labelled with 3 boxes at the front of every player number in order to place the bets–1
box with all the bets for a tie, 1 box for all the bets on the bankers, and lastly, 1 box for all the
bets on the player. The players would place the bets in 1 of the 3 boxes. These cards are dealt on
the Banker boxes, and big player in the middle of the table.

Depending on the casino, baccarat is played with 9, 8 or 6 deck of cards. These cards are res-
shuffled with every new hand.

Do you know how a mini baccarat table looks like? It is half the size of the usual table, with
enough room for 7 players. The goal is to get close to 9 points.

In playing online baccarat, you don’t need to make tons of decisions. All you need to do is
follow the rules which are already pre-determined. Just pick who you want to bet on–the banker,
the player or the less common choice between the two.

The baccarat banker is different from the house, but it is one of those parties that you can bet on.
After the bets are all placed, the dealer can now draw the cards, and no other decisions need to be

Baccarat is different from blackjack in a way that players don’t play against the dealer. What
happens instead is that you bet on the player or the banker to win.

Whether you want to go to the casino to play baccarat, or play it online, you must be aware of the
different regulations and etiquette around it. Since big money is at risk in this game, some levels
of protection were created for the players.

Are you a newbie who is excited to learn how to play baccarat? You may want to try mini
baccarat first. It allows minimum bets, and are low key.